Alex Becker

If your only plan to achieve wealth is "Invest in crypto" or rely on this market n make it BIG.

You are not going to make it.

You will always have to stay too long and invest too much.

You MUST MUST MUST build substantial RELIABLE cash flow ON par with your investing goals.

Lastly, do not underestimate how hard it can be to make money at times. Easy money can delude you.

This is why I hurt when I see young dudes who were up 5-20 million and held their NFTs/Coins.

They might never have a chance to make that much ever again or it could take 10 years

Again this isn't me "nailing" the market.

Ive had many years where my income is outlandish in business.

I've also had "building" years way I made little in between.

Your ATH years are for supporting your "building" or slow years.

NOT lavish spending or reckless investing.

The result is when the slow down occurs (this happens in ALL things, not just crypto)

They have a life style budget that does not factor in "slow times".

This causes HUGE pain.

When your at an income explosive ATH always expect/budget for things slowing way down.

Because this I bought NOTHING and was very aggressive with profit taking. As predicted, things slowed down greatly, but I am still way up.

Young guys dont get this. They expect it to be the new norm.

Thus they buy cars, homes, PJs WHILE not being fearful enough to take profits.

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