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Alex Becker

The Chosen Ones have been summoned to enter the Demon’s Den.

After numerous submissions & grueling deliberation, 16 projects & their Neo Tokyo Citizen founders have been deemed worthy to pitch their business/project.

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Translation : coding and hiring coders is easier than ever.

And all these don’t require complex tech/breakthrough code to succeed in.

Changing well known nft code to suit another need for example is easy.

It’s never been a better time to get rich in software.

Ar, NFTs, Ai, VR are all entering the scene. Will be all trillion $$ industries.

But dev time and developing has never been more accessible.

And most of these are an API call away.

All you need is creativity To make it.

@milesdeutscher Crypto gaming is the future. That said

I use AI for concept art, logos, contracts, source code & it can be used for countless services NOW. Not the same.

Its abundantly clear how it can and will be used and I use it

Crypto gaming is gonna take a minute.

Tokenized RWAs can provide #investment opportunities which can perform - regardless of #crypto macroeconomy - and deliver favorable return on investment, even during a bear market.

Read on for a deeper look into our Investment ThesisπŸ€‘

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