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Many try hard to predict short term trends, and it can't be predicted.

Many are oblivious to long term trends, and it is easy to predict.

Follow long term trends.

1. Technology innovation won't stop
2. Adoption won't stop
3. Demand increase won't stop

Haven't we learned anything about lending platforms or projects offering absurd returns like 200% APR, 300% APR?

Anything over 10% imo are red flags.

It means stop, do not buy, just turn around and go home. Ya'll need to stop getting into shit you can't climb out of.

@ReggieC24 @ShardiB2 @devjabi @Pentosh1 well, if FTX was under similar regulations, they would have at least had much more oversight to cross check his wildly criminal moves

@ShardiB2 @devjabi @Pentosh1 Grayscale and Coinbase both under strict US regulations, just don't see either falling to its knees in Q1 of 2023 - if they haven't failed yet, would they really in Q1?

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