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Vitalik Buterin

@MacaesBruno I'm okay with the hype. People getting annoyingly excited about technology is vastly better than people giving their attention to multibillion-dollar thieves and third-rate celebrities praising murderous dictators.

@StefanFSchubert Ignoring your own agency to actually change things (and take responsibility for the changes) is a great way to keep yourself in a comfortable risk-free perma-complainer position, yes.

@VovaVili @kacodes @fchollet I'm very surprised to see that they think that python files being usable both as scripts and as modules is some super-rare niche use case! I do it all the time.

I guess different people just use python differently...

I would love to see a study giving humans the SAT but adding a "prompt" at the end of every question ("imagine you are an expert mathematician", "proceed step by step").

I suspect there are prompts that would significantly improve results for people.

One thing I don't understand is why people assume big powerful actors are static and unaffected by public discourse.

Like, I haven't seen any SBF take even mention the possibility that some NYT or gov person started off soft, but changed strategy after seeing public feedback.

A particular tragedy that is totally not the @OpenAI @StableDiffusion and co builders' fault, is that people's expectations (including my own) get set by the dazzling stuff that goes viral, and its average case performance inevitably can't match that.

My one-sentence summary of the AI right now is that it does amazing stuff but it has a high error rate.

This is why it both impresses and frustrates: the times it does really well go viral on twitter, the times it makes a mistake frustrate people using it as a work aid.

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