Vitalik Buterin

@zengjiajun_eth @0xJim IMO a future where people run their own nodes by default (even if it's light clients, as long as they're trustless) is a future worth fighting for.

@ethnimbus people have been making some great strides in the light client direction lately.

@peterktodd But lots of PoS chains have been successfully running for years.

In fact, at the sub billion dollar market cap level PoS seems to already have a far more robust track record than PoW.

@robinhanson So like, historians in the year 3000 will be vaguely aware that the US had high inequality, self-contradictory foreign policy and was bad at healthcare, but will think that it's clearly the most awesome country because it made the best memes?


@gakonst The word "blinis" unnecessarily doubles the plural; the "i" in "blini" (блины) is already a plural ending.

But on the other hand...

The Russian word тулзы ("tulzy") is slang for "tools", adding the Russian plural ending onto a word that already has an "s".

@Versatile_Crypt @AnthonyLeeZhang Oh I am assuming that humans still provide the plot and the script. So making a movie becomes as easy as writing a play.

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